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Experimental code

Code from the NoTube project is not yet packaged and polished for general use. However various experimental pieces are available online for opensource collaboration.

XMPP / Buttons experiments

Warning – the software linked here is rough, experimental and not yet suited for production use. It is made available for collaborators and discussion, rather than end-user deployment.

On Github, you can find some work-in-progress from Libby Miller and Dan Brickley. The code there gives XMPP-based wrappers for the MythTV media centre package (Python code from Libby), and an early exploration of the same idea for the VideoLan Client (VLC) player (Lua code from Dan). The general idea is that by providing a common XMPP abstraction, remote control and other automated clients can provide unified interfaces to diverse tools. By using an appropriately chosen implementation language, we hope our wrapper code may eventually be packaged directly with the targetted tool. So for example, the VLC player embeds a Lua interpreter, hence we have prototyped a Lua wrapper for VLC. In addition to these media service wrappers, an early prototype iPhone app is also available (this time via subversion, for better integration with the Apple Xcode tools).

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