NoTube blog – the future of television is social and semantic


NoTube is a large European project exploring television’s future in the ubiquitous Web. On this blog you will find posts about many different aspects of the project, but because of the nature of one area of research – TV and the Social Web – you’ll find more about this part here than some of the other aspects. You can find more about the different areas of the project, the partners and their roles on the NoTube project homepage.

TV and the Social Web

Our assumptions in this part of the project include:

  • The TV is part of the Web, not a walled garden.
  • Conversation is king: content is just something to talk about
  • Connecting the TV to the Web doesn’t have to mean showing the Web on the TV screen.

Our goal is to contribute to the ‘NoTube Network’, a unified global network of annotations, ratings, comments, descriptions, related links and tags that can provide new means for users to inform, educate and entertain themselves online.

We are currently working on an XMPP-based two-way protocol for controlling and retrieving information from your TV (currently using MythTV and iPhone but heavily focused on the APIs rather than specific devices).

You can watch our videos on Vimeo, follow our Twitter stream, see our Delicious bookmarks and our Flickr photos. Our most recent deliverable is here (pdf) or here (pdf, short version) and our public mailing list is here.

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