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Why beans need counting

Posted in Beancounter by libbymiller on June 23, 2009

What if you knew what you actually liked, as opposed to what you think you like? would this be interesting or welcome – or would you see it is invading your privacy?

Increasing automation means that lots of data is available about what you do, including what you watch, and listen to. This means that you or I – or companies or researchers – can ‘mine’ information about your activities and use them to make predictions about what you might like, and what they might be able to sell you.

NoTube Beancounter will be a way for you to discover you what you watch and listen to – and the overall categories of things that you like. It will put the control about what sources can be mined in your hands – and limit what companies can do with the outputs.

Update: Here’s the presentation (pdf) we gave on beancounter at the first linked data meeting in London.

NoTube second project meeting

Posted in Meetings by libbymiller on June 23, 2009

After an interesting second meeting in Gargonza, Italy, project partners are currently planning the next three months’ work.

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